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You go disco and I'll go my way

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If you want to join this community, you totally should!.. If you answer yes to any of these questions then you BEST join this community or an extra-large army of trolls will attack you in your sleep. MEEMEEP! :D

1.) Do love music?,write?, draw?, play an instrument or like any of these following genres and artists?..
folk, alternative, experimental, techno, dance/pop, reggae, acoustic, punk, disco, oldies, heavy-metal, goth, instrumental, classical, foreign..
incubus, tsunami bomb, the cure, sahara hotnights, bjork, bad religion, mr.bungle, neutral milk hotel, misfits, radiohead, dead kennedys, the pixies, the smiths, the cramps, ladytron, the faint, the beach boys, boy sets fire, the beatles, the damned, pinback, pink floyd, elliott smith, nirvana, buzzcocks, alice in chains, afi, nelly furtado, korn, catpower, godhead, sex pistols, the clash, depeche mode, devo, madonna, blondie, ghosts and vodka, grandaddy,lumidee, link 80, modest mouse, gold finger,deftones, afi, fiona apple, vast, local h, floggin molly, coldplay, stp, the clash, death cab for cutie, bush, interpol, queens of the stone age, silverchair, bob marley, pat benetar, primus, blondie, cold, bunny five coat, ciccone, blonde redhead, tomahawk, placebo, pearl jam, depeche mode, the presidents of the united states, rem, sublime, system of a down, jimi hendrix, pink floyd, the who, the doors, yes, billy idol, nelly furtado, tiger army, leftover crack, dead milkmen, my chemical romance, us bombs, MSI, iggy pop and the stooges, bikini kill, johnny cash, subhumans, black flag, built to spill, mogwai, bush, calla, captain beefheart and his magic band, thin lizzy, dead boys, bob marley, cake, dj irene, dj green lantern, desaparecidos, death by stero, dirty three, fugazi, ghost of the robot, gorillaz, the white stripes, le tigre, mighty mighty bosstones, my dying bride, nick drake, no doubt, one line drawing, paul simon, philly's most wanted, placebo, propagandhi, rainer maria, the ramones, newyork city dolls, reel big fish, red house painters, rilo kiley, smashing pumkins, murder city devils, stabbing westward, the blood brothers, aphex twin, the dust brothers, the insyderz, the queers, the octopus project, tom waits, trans-siberian orchestra, venus hum, david kitay, whirlwind heat, nirvana, prodigy, aimee mann...

2.) Do you like movies?

3.) Are you opininated?

4.) Do you like green frosted cupcakes and rainbow sprinkles on your corn?

a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, acoustic, afi, aimee mann, alaska, alice in chains, alternative, ani di franco, art, bad religion, badly drawn boy, beck, belle and sebastian, billy idol, bjork, bob marley, books, built to spill, bush, cake, california, cartoons, catpower, classical, coen brothers, computers, conan o' brien, cute couples, dance/pop, david bowie, dead kennedys, death cab for cutie, detectives, devo, dinosaur jr, disco, dog fashion disco, drum solos, edward scissorhands, elliott smith, erykah badu, experimental, family guy, fiona apple, fishbone, flogging molly, folk, food, foreign, fountain sodas, fugazi, funky basslines, ghost world, goodbye chunky rice, goth, grandaddy, heavy-metal, hello kitty, high fidelity, iggy pop, incubus, instrumental, instruments, jack black, jack off jill, japanese, judy collins, jurassic 5, kittens, ladytron, late 70's, le tigre, left over crack, leon: the professional, mars volta, misfits, modest mouse, mogwai, mr.bungle, msi, music, neon, neutral milk hotel, newyork, nick drake, nintendo, nirvana, oldies, pat benetar, photography, pinback, primus, punk, puppies, queen, radiohead, ramones, reggae, rice, riots, run lola run, sahara hotnights, sailors, scarfs, sealab 2021, skirts, sleep, sleeper, spaceghost, tapeheads, techno, the adicts, the beach boys, the birthday massacre, the blood brothers, the buzzcocks, the clash, the culture club, the cure, the damned, the dust brothers, the faint, the handsome family, the magnetic fields, the nightmare before christmas, the pixies, the postal service, the queers, the velvet underground, thunderstorms, tom tom club, tom waits, tomahawk, trans-siberian orchestra, uriah heep, vast, veruca salt, vinyls, weridos, writing, yoga